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EMA Sport offers top level martial arts training in a new professional way. The club provides systematic training to different age groups starting from 3-year-old kids.

The training center is situated in Lahti. The address is Hirsimetsäntie 17 15200 Lahti. There are good connections to the training center by public transportation and by car.

How to start

Starting is easy, and we take new trainees in at all times. Check the correct training group for you from the training schedule and come to visit us.

If you have questions before trying it out, come to the training center and have a chat with the trainers or send an email to or call 045 848 3224.


Training groups


Taekwondo Adults (+13)

Taekwondo is a versatile sport that develops the fitness, strength, speed, mobility and coordination. The exercises include a variety of techniques, kicks, punches, etc. that form different types of poomsae. Taekwondo is suitable for both women and men. Everyone can practice their own skills and develop them further.

Taekwondo competition training

Advanced group for high-level training. Our trainers are among the best in Finland give training to people interested in going to competitions.


Thaiboxing is a fast-paced and effective training that suits for people with different levels of sport background. Thaiboxing was initially a competitive sport, but it is also an excellent form of fitness because of its effectiveness. Practical techniques guarantee the effectiveness of the sport even in self-defense. Thaiboxing is suitable for all ages of men and women from youth to adults.

Fitness boxing, Fitness Taekwondo and Kickboxing

Fitness boxing is an effective, fun, and completely safe exercise by exploiting boxing techniques and exercises. Fitness Taekwondo utilizes taekwondo techniques in effective fitness training whereas in Kickboxing classes we are doing fun exercises with kickboxing techniques. Exercises combine balance, movement and rhythmic exercises.



Taekwondo Kids

There are two age groups 6-8-years and 9-12-years. Both groups learn basic skills, play a lot of games and do taekwondo. The important thing is to enjoy physical activities and learn the very basic skills. The important thing is to have fun in a safe way. These groups provides an excellent base for learning any sport.

Kids wrestling

There are two age groups 3-5-years and 6-9-years. Kids wrestling is a playful and versatile exercise for both girls and boys. It is a great tool for unloading energy. It also develops strength, speed and agility. Kids wrestling also play an important role in the child’s emotional and social growth: it adds to self-confidence, increases adaptation, and assists in accepting different people.

Family Taekwondo

In Family Taekwondo, kids and parents exercise together. The exercises are fun and both kids and parents feel the joy of being together and learning new skills. Different types of warm-ups, and games, enhance fitness and vital physical properties, such as mobility, balance, body management, endurance, speed and strength. Family Taekwondo provides an excellent base for learning any sport.

Price list

57 € / month (attendance for all own age group exercises)

Discounted rates

under 12 years 50 € / month (attendance for all own age group exercises)

family card € 135 / month (attendance for all own age group exercises for the whole family)


Address: Hirsimetsäntie 17, 15200 Lahti
Phone: 045 848 3224